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Start your Do You Bake? and Crave It Business today!

We are happy you have chosen us! Start your combined Do You Bake? and Crave It Business today. Become your own boss, a micro-business owner representing our sister brands.  Join us in celebrating real food and bringing cooking, baking and food and lifestyles that promote balance, activity, fun, delicious food and more.  Inspiring others to move a little more, eat a little more balanced and enjoy the sweets and treats made with real ingredients and real food as a part of a better balanced lifestyle.

We believe more than providing easy, convenient solutions for meals and more. Yes, we solve the ‘whats for dinner’ dilemma that many other companies talk about, but more than that, we promote pairing our products with real fresh produce and products often found in the kitchen to help satisfy your nutritional needs at each meal.

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Start Your Business with Do You Bake? and Crave It







All About Crave It

Sister brand to Do You Bake? is also be available under the same roof to all Micro Business Owners.  You build your business as you choose, your way.

Crave It is filled with over 20 products that help solve the ‘what do I eat’ when I’m ready to snack. Our products available through the Crave It brand focus on product solutions that contain added high quality protein (egg for Paleo friendly, Whey for our all around brand offerings, Hemp for our Plant Based friendly products), fiber, superfoods, nuts, seeds and berries for added antioxidant, healthy fat and energy promoting real ingredients to help you feel satisfied throughout the day.  From Protein Shakes to Energy Bar and Protein Bar Mixes we’ve got a wide array of products to choose from.

Build a Crave It! only business, a Do You Bake? Only Business or combine the two.  There are no additional requirements or separate rules to follow. Same shared compensation plan, back office and website between both brands.

Simply fill out our Ambassador application today to get started!

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Remember! You may be in business for yourself, but you certainly are not in business by yourself!

Here are a few Helpful Hints about the Agreement

  • Make sure you have your Social Security Number (or SS# in Canada) and credit card information handy. Even if you choose the FREE Start it My Way Sign Up Option, you are still required to provide us with both of the above pieces of information. Your credit card will NOT be charged should you choose the FREE Start it My way Option.
  • To sign up or reactivate online, you must have a valid email address
  • When you complete the agreement, you will receive an email that you may keep for your records.
  • This agreement is for individuals only
  • Feel free to review the Do You Bake Terms and Conditions for Ambassadors before you begin

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