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Personal Sales Compensation

Do You Bake? Family of Brands Offers Micro Business Owners (Also referred to as Ambassadors) an opportunity to earn up to 37% commission on all their personal sales, adjusted monthly.

ALL FAMILY OF BRANDS PRODUCTS AND/OR SERVICES apply to a micro business owner’s Product Volume.

Crave It food based products and Do You Bake? Food based Products follow the same compensation plan as outlined in the images below!

Personal sales commission, on PERSONAL order volume is earned INDEPENDENT of requirements needed to meet team / downline commissions.

Examples :
Scenario 1 – Mary sells $51 in May and does not have any personally sponsored ambassadors in her first level, she receives 25% as commissions on all her personal sales
Scenario 2 – Mary sells $301 in May and has 1 (one) personally sponsored ambassador in her first level that has met active qualifications, she earns 32% commission income on all her personal sales.

** NOTE!! You do NOT need to build a team in order to earn up to 36% commission on your OWN personal sales.  If you simply want to sell, then sell! We do NOT require you to build a team to earn more on your own selling business.

The following table represents the maximum earning potential on all personal sales, adjusted monthly

Compensation Plan flyer page 1


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